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What is the difference between the Wagon models?

The frames are identical. The Contractor Wagons have a Cargo Sled that is thicker, more rigid and heavier than the Standard Cargo Sled. The only other difference is the type of wheel.

When would I want a Contractor Wagon rather than a Standard Wagon?

The advantage of a Contractor Wagon is the more rigid Cargo Sled.  For most applications this is not essential as you are using the Cargo Sled to contain a load rather than support the load on the Cargo Sled's side walls.  

Our Standard Cargo Sled is plenty tough; it may flex but it'll come back for more.  To see it in action, watch the demonstration of our Turf Wagon with the Standard Cargo Sled on the Cool Tools program on the DIY network.  Our Standard Wagons have been used for years for hauling firewood, dumping gravel, carrying mulch, moving manure with no issues (and much acclaim).

The rigidity of the Contractor Cargo Sled becomes important when you are hauling long objects that hang over the sides or ends (long logs for example).  Or when hauling very, very dense loads (think boulders) in very hot temperatures (imagine full sun in the summer in Phoenix, AZ) as the resin becomes more pliable at very high temperatures.

If you don't need this capability, we encourage our customers to save their money and the extra weight that it adds to the Wagon.

OK, so what is the difference between the different types of wheels?

The Turf Wagon has air filled tires with inner tubes. It has a solid steel rim with ball bearings and grease fittings.

The Field Wagon has hard rubber tires with spoked, black resin rims and sealed ball bearings. Because these wheels are resin and thinner they result in a lighter Wagon. See our Specifications page for details.

The ThornBuster™ Wagon's wheels have airless lightweight foam tires that handle like air filled tires but will never go flat. The ThornBuster™ has solid hub wheels with sealed high-speed ball bearings and grease fittings. The ThornBuster™ Wagon combines the wider tire of the Turf Wagon with the never-flat convenience of the Field Wagon.

Why would I pick one type of Wheel over another?

The Turf and ThornBuster™ tires are a bit wider than the Field's. These tires provide additional surface area to spread out the load. If you have deep mud or sand, or if you will be towing heavy loads across soft lawns, the Turf or ThornBuster™ tires are good choices.

The Field Wagon's resin tires result in a lighter Wagon. Also, the narrow profile makes them easy to move in light snow much like a cross-country ski. And having solid rubber tires means it cannot go flat — like the ThornBuster™ — making it a good choice in areas with thorns, nails or other sharp obstacles.

Do the Turf Wagon wheels have inner tubes?

Yes. The Turf Wagon wheels have inner tubes with standard valve stems.

Will I be able to dump out the load when the Wagon is fully loaded?

Yes! The weight of the load actually works for you instead of against you. Everything towards the back of the Wagon is pulling the Cargo Sled over. And, as you get the dumping started and material slides to the back, it gets easier and easier. You'll soon feel the material pulling the Cargo Sled over as it pivots all the way past 90° to empty everything out in one nice smooth movement. Then you just have to pivot the empty Cargo Sled back down without any struggling, lifting, or righting. The Cargo Sled locks down in preparation for the next load so it won’t dump until you're ready.

Will the Wagon roll easily when I have it loaded up?

With the Ursa Wagon, your load is spread out over four wheels. So, for instance, if you have 200 lbs of mulch in the Wagon, you only have 50 lbs of load per wheel instead of the 200 or 100 lbs per wheel you would have with just one or two wheels. That's up to four times the rolling power! Also, the bigger the diameter wheel, the easier it rolls. You'll feel the difference with Ursa Wagon's 16" wheels.

Can I tow the Wagon?

Absolutely, we have the Clevis Hitch that goes onto the Wagon handle without tools for quick and easy changes to towing.  The clevis pin then hooks into the receiver towing hole on your garden tractor or ATV.

What if I have a ball hitch?

The Three Way Compact Hitch Adapter mounts permanently under your ball and provides a hole for the Clevis Hitch's clevis pin to hook into.

Do you have different size Wagons?

No.  Our Wagons are all the same size as this is the maximum FedEx and UPS will deliver.  If we made them any larger they would have to be delivered by semi-trailer.

How wide is the Wagon?

See our Specifications page.

What is the Cargo Sled made of?

Materials for the Ursa Wagon are sourced from the best suppliers nationwide. The Cargo Sled is composed of the highest quality High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) with the highest available U.V. protection (UV-8) and a temperature rating to -40° F. Ursa resins meet FDA specifications and may be used as an article or component of articles intended for use in contact with food, subject to any limitations in the regulations. The resins will not be broken down by barn acids.

While we had hoped to use recycled material in the molded Cargo Sled, our research revealed that, with the wall thickness of the Cargo Sled, these materials could not hold up under extreme weather or use. As a virgin resin, the Ursa Cargo Sled has 40% more tensile strength than recycled plastics and its source is 100% traceable. We concluded that durability and long product life is better for the environment than having owners scrap numerous cracked Cargo Sleds made of secondary resins.

What material is used for the frame?

The frame for the Ursa Wagon is made from high strength steel tubing with a baked powder coating for resistance to the elements. The plate and hardware on the interior of the Cargo Sled are stainless steel to ensure that whatever gets dished up won't hurt the integrity of the Wagon.

Where is the Ursa Wagon made?

Ursa Wagons are made in Minnesota, USA.

Can concrete be mixed in the Cargo Sled?

Yes, Ursa Wagon's heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for fencing, landscape rock, or mortar projects — anytime a stable and durable piece of equipment is required. Clean up is quick and easy with a spray of the garden hose.

Will the Cargo Sled stain?

The plastic used in the sled is chemically inert and very resistant to stains. For example, manure and compost easily wash off with water.

How can I get replacement parts?

Replacement parts can be ordered online or are just a phone call away. Contact customer service toll-free at 866-877-2744 or e-mail us at

What is Ursa's recycling policy?

Strident efforts have been made to keep packaging materials to a minimum and we reuse packaging when possible. What we can't reuse we recycle.

Our product design and material selection focused on durability as a key metric. We construct our products from durable materials to ensure our Wagons last a very long time. We also have replacement parts readily available so our Wagons are repaired instead of turned into refuse.