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Presenting the revolutionary URSA WAGON; the durable utility wagon, garden cart, dump wagon, manure cart, hay soaker, wheel barrow, firewood hauler and atv trailer rolled into one.

  • Dumps past 90° (more than just tilts)
  • Single-handed unloading, even when full (really) 
  • Turns on a dime (literally)
  • No axles to get caught on rocks or stumps (or snow) 
  • Roll your loads (no need to lift and balance)
  • Won't tip over (even when turning on a dime)
  • Holds up to 12 cubic feet (and 500 pounds)
  • Fits through standard 34" doors (and garden gates)
  • Towable (with optional Clevis Hitch
  • Available ThornBuster™ tires (no more flats)


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