"The Ursa Wagon is easy to set up; moves without much force; maneuvers in tight spots; holds large amounts of material; is simple to clean and easy to dump."

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The Ursa Wagon was selected Dr. Karen Hayes as "The Perfect Hand Cart" in her latest book, How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper. A veterinarian, speaker, and award winning author of seven horse care books, Dr. Hayes spent five years testing and evaluating horse care products and methods for her Perfect Stall book series. Dr. Hayes does not accept payment for any product endorsements or recommendations. Instead, she shares her knowledge and passions for better horse care through her books, lectures, articles, and The Integral Horse web site.


"If you don't own this wagon, you're missin' out!! This is one of the neatest products i've come across in a long time... it's a must have if you're a horse person... the wagon allows me to clean my barn in a snap... it's so easy to maneuver... easy on your back... and, just ask my hubby, it was super easy to assemble :-) It's going to be great for gardening and all other types of jobs around the ranch... I'm thrilled to own one, so, order one up as soon as you can and tell your friends!!"

By the way, Templeton sings like an angel.  Learn more here. 

"I absolutely love this wagon. Very well made. You just can't beat the easy mobility along with the dump feature. Buy this wagon! You won't be sorry." JA, Minnesota

"Very impressed with the quality. Low or no maintenance. Easy to use. Better than a wheelbarrow as it can be used with one hand and also holds more. Just the right size for a bale of hay. Dump feature is great. Can be used to cool and store beverages for outdoor party." E and TJ, Wisconsin

"The best thing we ever bought for our yard and gardens. Ursa has hauled landscaping rock, mulch, soil, hostas, etc. We love our Ursa!" MC, Minnesota

"Not only is the wagon cute, but it's an absolute pleasure to use. I can't believe how much easier it makes my waste management chores. This is one awesome piece of equipment! Suits my needs to a tee. So glad we didn't go for the $10,000+ tractor." BG, Oregon

"We love the wagon — I board 60 horses and everyone grabs the Ursa Wagon before the wheelbarrows. Some people won't clean their pens if the Ursa is busy!! It took me a while to find something so unique and useable!! Thanks so much for your product!!" DM, Idaho

"I started using the wagon yesterday and it is just what I was hoping for. It is so easy to use. I mulched a whole garden with 3 wagon loads pulled by my Huffy. On to the pasture cleanup next." CM, Virginia

"Thank you for producing an excellent product and standing behind it! I've been very pleased with my wagon and anticipate many more wonderful years of use." DM, Hawaii

"I wanted to send you a note letting you know how phenomenal your wagon is. I purchased it for my wife for her birthday in May. She's quite the gardener, so you can only imagine how handy it is for her. We use it in conjunction with our lawn tractor most of the time. It holds so much that it makes short work of every project. Now the neighbors are hooked on it as well. Perhaps they'll buy their own soon!" TF, Michigan

"My husband purchased my Ursa a couple of months ago AND WE LOVE IT! Thank you for understanding that big loads have to move somewhere. This is a wagon I can handle myself!" MD, California

"I just wanted to let you know that the Ursa Wagon has been fantastic. It has replaced the yard cart, wagon and wheel barrow. The Ursa Wagon performs well with both heavy and light loads, the design includes features which almost have me thinking that there was a spy satellite listening to my grumbling when I used to use the other carts." AB, Minnesota

"Santa Claus" brought my Ursa Field Wagon to me for Christmas. I have now used it all season to haul everything from landscape rocks, top soil, and mulch! The wagon is a joy to maneuver, is well made and I love it. Thanks Ursa! I look forward to taking my wagon deer hunting this fall and using it to 'tote' the big one out of the woods." DVP, Nebraska

"This wagon is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!! I am so impressed with the quality. We purchased two cheap [big box retailer's name withheld so they're not embarrassed] type wagons this summer and I was swearing at them before I even got them together because the parts did not fit right. One of the wagons, that was supposed to have a large payload capacity, broke carrying a small load the first week it was in use. The Ursa Owner's Manual is perfectly accurate and easy to follow. I even felt obligated to follow the instructions on the bottom of page 7, 'Congratulations your frame is now complete. Go have a beverage of your choice.' Thanks for the quality product!" ES, Michigan

"Hooray! I did it — I put my wagon together all by myself with your good instructions and support. I can put so much more stuff in that wagon than I could in my wheelbarrow, and it's so easy to handle. Plus, when wrestling with that sack of hay pellets I didn't have the wagon tipping down when I moved the sack to the front of it, as would have happened (and has) when one puts a hundred pounds at the front of a wheelbarrow. Thank you for inventing the Ursa Wagon!" KG, California